Richard Devine

Richard Devine is one of the major names in todays electronic music world. He was also one of the first people to tweet about Gestrument when we released the software in 2012 so of course he was at the top of our list of artists we wanted to contact.


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Specialties: Music composition, sonic mnemonics, UI interface sounds, sample library content, audio/SFX content for film, television, gaming, audio hardware/software (iOS/Android/Nook), and interactive web-based environments.


Richard Devine artist and sound designer based from Atlanta, Georgia he has done film score work for Touchstone Pictures (with John Hues & Kyle Cooper). He has also collaborated with BT (Brian Transeau on movie “Surveillance” Directed by Adam Rifkin, Wieden & Kennedy, AKQA Inc., and have done sound mangling/programming for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, composed and designed commercials for the Nike Shoe Company and worked with various companies doing sound design for Apple Computers, Audi, BMW, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Scion, Coke, LandRover, Lexus, Peugeot, Dodge, HBO, Nestle, Nike Japan, McDonald’s, Sprite, Sony, Spike Television network and XBOX (Halo2 and 3 for Microsoft International Websites. He has also worked with Konami gaming division for the Dance-Dance Revolution game.

He recently signed a deal with Sony Media to release his first two premium sound effects libraries, “Pulse” and “The Electronic Manuscript” which won best sample library by Remix Technology Awards. Following the success of these new releases Richard launched a new sound design company “Devinesound” which was nominated the Cannes Lions Award for the work with Microsoft Gaming division for the Halo Believe Campaign. In 2010 he worked for Microsoft in designing the Windows 7 Theme system sounds for Epic and Bungie creators of the video game “Gears of War”. Most recently Richard released “Mechanical Morph” sound effects collection with Hollywood Edge/Sound Deluxe. This immense collection containing over 1300 new sounds designed for film, TV, and multi-media projects has won him world wide recognition as one of the most cutting edge sound designers today.

In conjunction with TV and film work Richard also has done synthesis programming and sound design work with many audio companies. His work has been featured on new software and hardware titles from many innovative companies such as: Alesis, Access Virus Keyboards, Akai, Ableton Live, Apple Computers, Arturia, CamelAudio, FXpansion, Retroymns, Native Instruments, Izotope software, WayOutware Softare,Eventide Effects Company, GRM tools, Korg, Clavia Nord, DigiDesign, Openlabs, Universal Audio, Hartmann Neuron synthesizers, Retronyms Stanton Magnetics DJ Company, Spectrasonics, Roland, Propellerheads, Yamaha and M-Audio Division.

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