Piano impro

Piano improvisation is of course not a musical style or genre, since you can improvise on the piano in many different styles. What we have based this preset on is the kind of “Post-Jazz” improvisation of pianists like Keith Jarret or Mike Garson, that has influences from jazz but also from everything from lullabies to rock songs.


In the video we used Gestrument to control a Disklavier – a MIDI enabled acoustic piano – and mix live playing on the keyboard with Gestrument to get a combination of conscious control and intuitive surprises. The slight delay you see between the gestures on the iPad and the response from the Disklavier comes from the fact that this is an early version of Disklavier with quite a bit of latency.


We want to thank William Brunson and Mattias Peterson for letting us use the Disklavier at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.