Jazz Trio

The fast development of Jazz music from the forties to the sixties is nothing short of spectacular, going from very well defined songs to free form inspired by contemporary music and art.


We know that Jazz Trio is not a genre;-) But we couldn’t decide exactly where in the Jazz history this Preset would fit. It can go both in the direction of more traditional hard-bop, but if played in a certain way it can go almost all the way into Free Jazz. Probably the best style-description would be Post-bop.


From English Wikipedia about Post Bop:


According to musicologist Jeremy Yudkin, post-bop did not follow “the conventions of bop or the apparently formless freedom of the new jazz”. He wrote in his definition of the subgenre:

”Forms, tempos, and meters are freer, all the compositions are new, and the band members themselves are featured composers … [A]n approach that is abstract and intense in the extreme, with space created for rhythmic and coloristic independence of the drummer—an approach that incorporated modal and chordal harmonies, flexible form, structured choruses, melodic variation, and free improvisation.”