Early Techno

Early Techno / Synth / Electronica

There are few things more important in life than love and family. The main exception would be Synthesizers. While originally reserved for avant-garde composers associated with institutions wealthy enough to afford one, synthesizers have gained more and more traction during the years. Today most people can afford one – especially the digital version – and you can easily find one in every other smart phone or computer.


The early electronica gained much popularity in the 70’s through the “Krautrock” scene, and by the time of the 80’s there was almost no album that did not feature at least one Moog, Juno or DX7. The synthesizers were still rather expensive and many recording studios could get plenty of clients solely on owning one, along with a technician who knew how to use it.


Typical for the early synth and electronica was the use of sequenced patterns. Many synths have what is known as a step sequencer, with allows the user to hold a single key and have the synth play a pattern of up to 16 steps. This resulted in a very mechanized feel with heavy quantized music. While charming in its own right, many were opposed to the music since it would lack a human feel.


When playing the preset, be sure to experiment with the transposition buttons as well as well as the scale slider. Most importantly, you should try to move your hand as mechanically as possible, while stiffly bobbing your head.